John Green to Have Cameo in TFIOS Film!


In a recent interview with IndyStar, John Green discussed the upcoming film adaptation of his novel, The Fault in Our Stars. He discusses Shailene Woodley being cast to play Hazel Grace Lancaster and how he feels that she will bring the character to life.

It has also been confirmed that John Green will have a cameo in the film. The author’s role in the film is unknown at this point in time. However our friends at Page to Premiere  have listed ten possible roles we may see John Green in!

1. He could be a strange man in the airport, videotaping himself (vlogging for the vlogbrothers)!

2. The man who comes to pick up the swing set.

3. He could be the man telling Hazel and Gus that the “beautiful couple is beautiful” while they eat at Oranjee.

4. He and his son Henry could be the child who comes up to Hazel to ask about her canulla, and the parent that comes to take the child away.

5. He could be the support group leader!

6. He could be at the Anne Frank house, watching Hazel and Augustus kiss.

7. He could be the taxi driver when Hazel, Augustus, and Hazel’s mom arrive in Amsterdam.

8. An attendee of the funeral at the end of the movie. (I’m hoping for a happier cameo!)

9. If they show flash scenes of An Imperial Affliction, John could be the Dutch Tulip Man.

10. John could be a parent that is coming to pick up a child from the support group.

What role do you think John Green will appear in? Comment below or tweet us @TFIOSSG

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